23rd November 2014

Visa information

A visa-free entry to Lithuania is granted to citizens of 78 states, however, arrivals from some of them must be holders of diplomatic, service, special or biometric passports. Citizens of other states should apply to Lithuanian diplomatic missions or consular offices for a Schengen or national visa. Consular fees are charged for examining visa applications.

Schengen A is an airport transit visa required and valid for crossing an international airport transit zone of one or more Schengen countries. Schengen C is a short stay visa. It allows its holder to cross the territory of a Schengen state by transit or to stay for up to three months in any uninterrupted period of six months from the date of the first entry to the territory of the Schengen state.
Visas can be obtained at diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Lithuania. If the country whose citizen or permanent resident you are does not have a Lithuanian diplomatic mission or consular office, you should apply to the nearest or most easily reachable Lithuanian diplomatic mission or consular office in another country.
The following fees are charged for issuing visas:
Airport transit visa (A) – 60 EUR
Transit visa (B) – 60 EUR
Short stay visa (C) – 60 EUR
Long stay visa (D) – 60 EUR
Simplified transit documents (STD) – 5 EUR
Citizens of states which have concluded an agreement with the European Community on simplified visa regime will have to pay a fee of EUR 35 for a Schengen visa or EUR 70 for a Schengen visa issued as a matter of urgency.