23rd November 2014

How to get there


The best way to get until hotel Ecotel Vilnius is by bus.

From bus stop oro uostas take bus no. 3G and go until bus stop called žaliasis tiltas, it takes about 25 min.

Then you need walk straight until konstitucijos prospect, turn right go straight šeiminyškių str. and then you will see Slucko str. – turn left and go few minutes straight. Ecotel is on your left.



Also you could go by taxi. Just say hotel address Slucko str. 8. It would be cheaper if you use website www.etaxi.lt and book your taxi online. From website you also could get the direct number for taxi companies so you can call one when you get to the airport direct, they usually take approximately 10 – 15 min. to arrive so call when you are waiting for your luggage.


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