23rd November 2014


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International Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Summit


‘’The Role of Youth in Solving Global Challenges and Bridging Gaps among Nations’’


Zygimantas Pavilionis Lithuania's ambassador to US


Y2Y Summit 2015 officially is under the patronage of Lithuanian diplomat Žygimantas Pavilionis, currently Lithuania’s ambassador to US. Ambassador says: “I strongly support Y2Y initiative as youth is vitally important part of our present and even more important to our future since they are the leaders of today and tomorrow. If we give young people a chance to take action and express themselves, they may have amazingness to share – I believe already now that we can see the results appearing, looking forward for even greater results in the nearest future!”


The 2015 Summit will be the first edition of the series of the events. The Summits are planned to focus on a different thematic content on annual basis. The second summit is planned to take place in Krakow in 2016 and will focus on Accountability, Transparency and Good Governance. The aim of the event is to bring together the brightest students, youth activists, leaders in the society, entrepreneurs, professors and businessman to start a dialogue on global challenges of today and tomorrow and to come up with tangible solutions to challenge the reality.  

On 16-19th April 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania 80 international delegates will take part in an International Y2Y Summit ‘’The Role of Youth in Solving Global Challenges and Bridging Gaps Among Nations’’.


We believe that the only way we can solve problems is by coming together and starting a dialogue!


Organization ”Opportunity Development’‘ is the main organizer of the Y2Y Summit 2015 in Lithuania, while e-globalknowledge is the main content contributor of the summit.

Organization ”Opportunity Development” is aiming to facilitate the dialogue across cultures, countries and various environments and bring a new edge to the debate on the contemporary challenges by providing both a platform online and offline for young activists.

E-globalknowledge movement is run by young people for young people which aim is to engage more actively youth in an entire range of global issues and speak up.

The event will cover 6 topics:

–         Social entrepreneurship as a tool to decrease youth unemployment;

–         Youth as ambassadors of peace education;

–         Youth role in decision making process;

–         Development education/education for all;

–         Empowerment of female youth;

–         Youth in diplomacy;


The event will include various activities such as:

–         Panel sessions;

–         Interactive workshops;

–         Role model games and simulations;

–         Drawing the declaration of the Y2Y Summit;

–         Development and creation of scenarios and strategies for real youth involvement in solving local and global challenges;

–         Exhibition of cultural and traditional things;

–         Cultural performances (participants, embassies, etc.);

–         City tour;

–         Etc.


Highly experienced, known and appreciated speakers will come to the forum to contribute to the outcomes and content of the conference. To mention few: representatives from Common Wealth Youth Program, World Youth Assembly, AEGEE-Europe,  European Youth Council, Global Shapers Community of World Economic Forum, Dignitaries from Lithuanian Government, Parliament, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peace Revolution and many more.

International Y2Y Summit will become a platform for youth as future leaders of the world to hone their leadership, diplomacy, cultural, intercultural communication, critical thinking and self-development skills.



Kind regards,

The organization team of the summit!