25th November 2014



What is International Y2Y Summit?

Read the description here

Why should I participate?

  • To engage in a dialogue on global challenges of today and tomorrow
  • To take concrete actions and find ways to solve those challenges
  • To connect with young from across the world and build bridges of friendship
  • To hone your leadership, diplomacy, cultural, intercultural communication, critical thinking and self-development skills
  • To increase your skills in public speaking, team-building and problem-solving
  • To acquire an invaluable set of skills for making a positive impact on your community and country


Am I eligible to apply?

Please find details about eligibility at this link.


How can I apply?

Please click here for more details about the application process.


What is the cost of participation?

– 100 Euros for international participants residing outside Lithuania.

– 100 Euros for Lithuanian participants (accommodation covered).

– 30 Euros for Lithuanian participants (accommodation not covered).

The fee covers accommodation, food, materials for sessions.

The participation cost has been set with a view that it is considerably affordable for participants coming from all backgrounds. However, international participants are expected to cover their return traveling expenses and visa cost.


How to pay the fees?

We will announce later how to pay the fees to all selected participants.


What is the deadline of application?

15 January 2015 for both international and Lithuanian participants.


When will I know the result of my selection?

Announcement of all successful candidates will be on 01 February 2015


Will organizers support in visa process?

An electronic acceptance letter will be issued to all shortlisted participants and that can be used for your visa application, but it is personal responsibility of the applicant to obtain a visa in time for the Summit. It is crucial to start as soon as possible since obtaining a visa may take a while in many countries.


Will there be any free time during the summit days?

The program of the summit will be intense, therefore if you want to visit Lithuania and Vilnius, we advice you to arrive few days before the summit or stay few days longer after the summit.